About World Super

Our company is principally engaged in (i) the rental of crawler cranes, oscillators, RCDs and hydromill trench cutters for construction projects mainly in Hong Kong and/or Macau; (ii) the trading of new or used crawler cranes, RCDs, trench cutters, oscillators and/or related spare parts to customers in Hong Kong, Macau and Philippines; and (iii) to a lesser extent, the provision of transportation services in delivering our machinery to and from customers’ designated sites and other services such as arrangement of set-up and repair of machinery for customers of our plant hire service and marketing of construction machinery for our machinery suppliers etc.

We have over 21 years of experience in the construction machinery business. Our Directors believe that we have good reputation in the construction industry in Hong Kong with proven track record and have the capability of delivering our services on time and to the satisfaction of our customers.

We source new construction machinery for our plant hire service mainly from German, Korean and Austrian brand manufacturers or their affiliates in Hong Kong, while our used construction machinery are sourced from local or overseas traders in countries such as China, Korea and Singapore. We also leased certain construction machinery from other construction machinery service providers for sub-leasing to our customers.